Distinguishing between judgments and decision making, as meant by A Course in Miracles (UCDM), is tricky until we learn to recognize a judgment as a judgment and how the ego fragments judgments in the mind. After that, it becomes a question of reverting to the decision maker, which comes before judgment, to make a new choice. If you are confused, it’s no wonder since a judgment is nothing more than a decision with the twist of the ego added to it.

The Course asks us to have a little willingness to learn the principles and then go and apply that learning to undoing the ego. All we’ve been doing is mindlessly using the decision maker to choose the ego’s judgments and we now must do the opposite by denying, which is choosing to give up, those ego judgments.

What ego stuff we keep hidden is like a huge walk-in closet in the mind. There are racks, shelves and drawers of fragmented judgments and when you try to get out, there’s a barrier called the door which is fear and guilt. You don’t have to break down the door but rather go back into the closet and examine the wardrobe of thoughts (judgments). The key comes from giving up everything in the closet as this turns on the light of Love and dispels the darkness.

Like any person cleaning out their closet, when closely examined with honesty, the judgmental wardrobe can be seen as an outdated and no longer valued system. We don’t replace the wardrobe as the Law of Attraction suggests (replace one thought of the ego with a better thought of the ego). It’s about giving up the entire ego wardrobe if you want to go home.

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