Are you fed up with the constant barrage of bad news from the media outlets? It seems everywhere you turn these days there is nothing but negative news. The headlines only seem to focus on all of the bad things happening, and completely ignore positive information. Front pages are filled with stories about job losses, the housing market crash, the credit crisis, and a world recession. Some media pundits are even talking about a potential depression. Just hearing about all this, if you let it, can get you stressed, worried, or depressed.

I personally refuse to focus on all the negative news out there, especially for events I don’t have any control over. What can we do about it? I’ll share with you my own personal response and some tips from a mentor.

I used to start my day by reading the newspaper. Not anymore. I stopped reading the newspaper this week. That’s right. Instead I’m spending that time reading books that will empower me to learn new skills and make my mindset even stronger. It’s my own personal stimulus plan to make this a fantastic year.

I’d also like to pass along some positive thinking exercises from one of my wealth mentors, Dr Van Tharp. He suggests listening to the audiobook The Secret. Better yet, don’t just listen to it one time, listen to it three times. When you’re done, start a gratitude journal and notice how that thinking changes your life.

Next, consider doing the 365 lessons in A Course in Miracles (ACIM). You’ll basically learn that all of this stuff about the economy is meaningless because it only has the meaning that you give it. Get through the first 100 lessons and watch your life change dramatically.

Third, consider doing the forty exercises in the Abundance Book by John Randolph Price. Do the exercises several times. To summarize, do at least 100 exercises in ACIM, complete a full Gratitude Journal, and do the 40 exercises in the Abundance Book at least three times. Assuming that it totally changes your thinking, I can pretty much guarantee that your life circumstances will improve dramatically.

Now here is some good news to end on. More millionaires were created per capita in The Great Depression than at any other time in history. You don’t hear much about that in the press because bad news sells and the media companies have been in an industry wide depression since 2000. Don’t let them get you depressed too. There is good news out there and there are things you can do to avoid the negativity. Take control of your mind and your life.

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