A manager is one who oversees a project and hire a team first. There are certain many ways to manage and organize a team that are more efficient and effective than all the others. Following is a list of 4 ways that can help managers, top management or any person in organizing a team that can really work and contribute positively to the success of a project or daily tasks.

  1. Formation of the Teams and Structuring them

This is the first step that is crucial for any project’s success. If you think that you can make a team without analyzing and thinking what their strong points are and how they can work in their favor. One rule that can offer rich dividends for a manager is about hiring a team that has worked together for a project before. Team of complete strangers having no idea about each other’s capabilities and skills, the decision can backfire. Obviously it is not a hard and fast rule but a rather tricky one. Let me guide you further in this regard.

Teams newly formed need much time and effort in getting to know each other and building relationships. For huge projects comprising of several teams and a time frame that can run into several months, it is vital that all team members know each other well. Trust factor is another thing that they need to take care of and the role of the managers here is critical to say the least.

  1. Effective Communication Concerning the Ultimate Goal

Success of a project is largely dependent on the manager’s capability.Inability of him to effectively communicate the project’s ultimate goal to the team members.The purpose of the project and what the team of the direction of the team. It is the responsibility of the manager to explain the team members their part in a project so that to get the most out of them in terms of performance.

If the team’s goal is not clear, it will be a hell of a task to complete even a simple project. And if it is completed, it will be way after the allotted time and without the solid impact and a perfect result.If the whole team is involved in the proceedings right from the start, then it’ll really show in their individual and group performance and eventually in the project’s success.

  1. Everyone on the Same Page for Best Results

If you will apply the above-mentioned part dealing with communication effectively, this aspect more or less will be achieved. Every team member must know what the project is all about and there should be no ambiguity about it. The manager should be as open to the members of his team as possible so that everyone knows at what stage the project is and the problems/issues the team is facing so that they can give their input as well.

A common example in this concern would be great for the readers here. The armed forces are the best examples where everyone is on the same page as far as any project like an attack on enemy’s check post or completing a secret mission. Even if 2-3 people in a battalion (kind of team in army) are not on the same page with others regarding a mission, you can certainly think about the consequences of it that can be dire for the entire team.

  1. A Group Lead for Assisting the Project Manager

There are a number of ways in which a project manager needs to go through for making any task related to a project perfect. The use of a task management software is one aspect that can make things work for him in the short term and eventually in completing a project admirably and without any complications/delays.

For a complex project like building a big project, like a huge mall, the role of a manager is of paramount importance.The role of a group lead helping the manager can reduce the burden on him. The group lead or different leads, in case of a huge project, can make the task of a manager easy even he has to take care of all the teams and check the progress of group leads as well.

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