When you’ve been studying something for a long time as a major and plan on pursuing it in the future, you are bound to have some coursework that prepares you for practical life ahead in your chosen field. When talking about business, it has several dimensions. There are unlimited topics for you to choose from to get a basic hands-on experience with your field of interest.

Research papers allow you to understand a topic in depth because they force you to explore every possible detail and help you see the topic in a whole new light. This is a great way to get cheap assignment writing services, and you will surely learn a lot. Here are the 15 best topics currently for business administration students.

Should companies have fitness programs for their employees?

As much as this may ignore, physical heath in any office environment holds just as much importance as any other work people might be doing there. This keeps the workers active, and thus, increases overall productivity. It is a great way to entice friendly relations between employees. You just can’t go wrong with including this little routine in the work schedule at the office.

Are oil companies charging us fairly?

In order to come to a sensible conclusion for this, you must explore all your options. It will require intensive research and you will have to look at a lot of prices and yields from different companies to understand what kind of pricing for it would actually be considered fair.

Why do women still earn only 75 cents for every $1 a man earns?

A topic that causes a lot of stir anywhere it’s brought up. The gender wage gap has its own intricacies that you might want to dive into in order to understand how businesses work and why there are certain rules for how they function – think you can come to an appropriate and satisfying conclusion?

Should there be a maximum wage/salary a person can earn?

Just like there is a minimum limit for how much a person can be paid, should there be a maximum limit as well? Do your research and come to a conclusion based on statistics, analyzing the outcome of each option. Should all employers be able to pay their employees however much they want? Or should there be a limit to what even the most hardworking person gets paid?

Is working more a cause for decreased productivity?

This is something that is becoming very prominent due to increased labor. In a lot of office environments, productivity is decrease due to the fact that the employees are overwork to the point of mental and physical exhaustion. This impacts the quality of work as well as the overall work environment. Prove through reasoning.

How do dirty business tactics work?

This is a topic on which you can write a lot. It is something very common in the business world at any given time, so finding recent cases on it to support your research should not be difficult at all. This includes financial misdemeanors, customer miscommunication or anything else that may mislead people to fuel your business in any way. These tactics are very common and to write on them would be a great way to get a good head start on your career in the business world.

  • Doing proper research on this would ensure that you know about some of the darkest parts of the business world. This means that you would be safe from a lot of consequences.
  • Dirty business tactics are something of a taboo in the business world, but they are something that needs to pay more attention to. Cash in this opportunity to not only get a good grade on your work, but also to spread much needed awareness.

Can a business be started with nobudget?

A lot of people want to start businesses but lack the proper funding. Are there any businesses that can start with an empty pocket? Rising from zero should be an option for all businessmen. Find everything you can on low or no budget businesses and compile them in a helpful, effective way.

Notorious business leaders

Whether it be people who are incredibly famous for the bad they’ve done, or people who currently sit at the top because of their tactics in the business world, this is a great way to learn about how people before you used to do things. It would help you understand the intricacies and workings of the business world before diving into it, whilst making for a brilliant research topic due to the richness in content.

Entrepreneurship and family business

This is something a lot of people will have different and very strong opinions on. Family business can be both a blessing and a curse, and same with entrepreneurship. This means one or more members from the same family would running a business, which would later be pass on to the next generation. Entrepreneurship is to set up a business of your own, which is also an information rich topic to research on.

What role to ethics play in work-related situations?

Office environment and ethics go hand in hand. This is because when you are working as an employee in an office environment, you are not consider an individual. You represent a whole team of people, just as they represent you, which means that interacting with them in a way that respects them and is ethically correct is a must. If one chooses to pay no heed to this, how would that directly impact the overall office environment?

What are the most effective strategies for promoting a small business?

Small businesses do not have a very good reach. This means that their promotional tactics need to be very well-thought out and effective enough to reach an audience as big as possible. What are some fool proof strategies that could make this happen without being too much of a hassle, or too heavy on the pocket? This could be a great research topic to help you and anyone around you in the future.

  • Small businesses are easy to run but difficult to maintain due to them needing constant attention to flourish.
  • Collecting information on a topic this relevant to students and entrepreneurs would result in an information-rich paper that is bound to get a lot of attention.

Is expanding your business to a new region or country a wise decision?

When running a business, taking risks is a huge part of it. However, the risk always needs to calculate, or you could end up losing everything you have work so hard to build. Weighing the pros and cons of deciding to move an established business to an entirely new location can be necessary, but also scary. It all depends on the amount of risk involved – calculate this risk.

How to build a successful startup

This could be a very easily, one for all guide to building a successful startup. This may be one of the most useful research topics for any new entrepreneurs. Which makes for a good grade really easily. It all begins from solving a problem you are passionate about and works its way up from there. Because it’s certainly not easy to build a multi-millionaire corporation in the span of 12 months. Rome wasn’t built in a day, after all.

How to sustain and develop international businesses?

Setting up a business might be one of the easiest parts of becoming a businessman. However, developing it might be the most difficult thing in the entirety of your career. Sustaining an established building requires constant focus and needs to be at the top of your list of priorities. If you happen to own that business – but how exactly would you keep it from falling apart? There are several strategies to ensure that a business owner’s efforts don’t go to waste. Which makes this topic incredibly helpful to both you and your readers.

  • After being fully establish, a lot of people do not know what to do with their businesses. This could help them out.

How does climate change impact international business strategies?

Climate change has become one of the greatest problems our planet has ever faced. It’s destroying everything, from glaciers to the oceans – even our land. It should come off as no surprise that climate change would directly affect a lot of what we do on this planet, especially our businesses. It would ruin agriculture, halt tourism and destroy some of the most important natural resources our planet has today. This is a important issue to tackle, and not only would it give you a great research paper full of fresh and authentic content. It would also help you create awareness.

  • Collect information through media and recent articles. This is an amazing opportunity to shine with your prior knowledge on the topic as well.
  • It is a great way to help people understand how dire the need for action is.


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