Sam was an African American. A bright student, he wanted to study at the best of institutions, so he applied for a scholarship at a university in the US, he was granted the award.

Dreaming of becoming a great doctor he started studying at the university, but with time he realized a small segment of racist students were not so welcoming towards him.

With time he realized he’s was being discriminated, and it went worse. Ultimately he was being bullied by the students based on his skin tone. They didn’t like him..!

Sam started becoming depressed and lonely and deteriorated in his grades. He never reported the incidents, and that was his mistake.

His mistrust with the students, lack of confidence, and inferiority complex forced him out of university. And Sam, a bright, intelligent, student who could have been an exceptional scholar, was left behind in life because of the racial discrimination he faced.

This is how discrimination destroys a society…!

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A Tragic Story..! 1

Have you Ever Faced Any Discrimination?. 2

What Is Discrimination and What Is Not?. 2

What are the effects of discrimination on students?. 3

What Further Harm Could Discrimination Do?. 3

How to Deal With Discrimination at Academic Institutions?. 5


About The Author. 7



Have you Ever Faced Any Discrimination?


Did you know that discrimination is one of the main reasons why students become psychopaths and lose their sanity? Discrimination and bullying together have caused more harm to the children’s psyche than any other factor. Perception has been a pretty old phenomenon. It has persistently existed with man since the beginning of humankind.

People have discriminated against each other on the basis of everything from caste to belief, from color to language, religion to nationality.

Sadly we have never been able to put a stop to discrimination, have we? In the modern world one age group that faces discrimination the most is the youth i.e.., children, teenagers, millennials, etc. usually students at school, college or a university.

What Is Discrimination and What Is Not?


You might be wondering what is actually considered as discrimination, and what’s not it? Well, people do get confused when it comes to legal issues related to it. For instance, a man walking on the street abuses another man because of his skin colour, this is absolutely discrimination. But there might not be any legal repercussions, and the incident might not even get reported, and this happens a lot around the world, sometimes when the abuse becomes severe or physical only then legal action is taken, and the culprit is charged.

So what discrimination is not: any behaviour or conduct not inspired by hate for another, but only a mere disagreement with another will not be considered a discriminatory act?

Assignment writing help uk website state that students around the world have to put up with it a lot, or even you have personally been subject to discrimination, so you must be aware how it feels when as a student you are discriminated against by your peers, teachers or professors.

What are the effects of discrimination on students?


If you have been affected by discrimination you would know what it feels like, and how badly the victim is psychologically hurt by incidents of discrimination. So what are the effects of discrimination upon students? Let’s see..!

  • Fear and Anxiety:

Students who have suffered discrimination will often report feeling fearful and anxious. Perception damages the power of students to cope with the challenges of life; they may handle lost and afraid after being subject to discriminatory instances.

  • Inferiority Complex:

Have you ever felt that you are inferior to another? This happens and it becomes a continuous thought pattern if you have faced discrimination of any kind, sexual, racial, linguistic, national, tribal, etc. or any other form of it.

  • Lack of trust:

A person discriminated will never probably be able to trust anyone in his or her life. Trust is built with the equality of man, what if this sense of justice if taken away and discrimination takes its place? Then trust begins to go away, and mistrust among the people begins to seed and show its signs.


What Further Harm Could Discrimination Do?


  • Psychological hurt:

The oppressor or culprit may not hurt you physically in the act of discrimination. Still, you will be severely injured in your mind..! Mental harms are far more terrible and dangerous than physical hurt. The reason is that the glimpses of the incident keep on repeating themselves in mind making the victim feel more and more hurt.

  • Stress and Trauma:

People have also experienced a great deal of stress and trauma after being discriminated against. For example, someone who oppresses you and curses you with offensive words, because of his racial superiority towards you, would you not feel traumatized? Most of the people feel highly stressed after incidences of discrimination.

  • Depression:

Then discrimination will also lead to depression inevitably. Because of one such incident, the victim might very easily fall into a depressive state of mind, or in the worst-case scenario, the victim may become entangled with suicidal thoughts.

  • Unable to fit in the society:

The student who is a victim of discrimination will never be able to feel himself, or herself secure and safe in the community. The victim will be unable to live a healthy life and enjoy his life like every other person.

  • Lack of Confidence:

If you have ever lacked confidence, one of the significant reasons behind one losing their belief is that they have been discriminated at some point in their lives. The discrimination can be of any kind, starting from home when parents unknowingly discriminate between children, and then it goes further into school, college, etc.

  • Negative thoughts:

To sum the adverse effects up, discrimination will only produce wrong and unlawful citizens. It works as an anti-human factor, and sometimes victims are so severely injured in their minds that they decide to harm the entire world to avenge the discrimination that they faced.Students shooting their classmates and teachers at schools has become quite common news nowadays, for a simple reason that they feel they are not equal and are inferior, which causes them to become caught in negative and disastrous thoughts and leads them to do all kinds of crimes.

How to Deal With Discrimination at Academic Institutions?


  • Make sure it is ‘discrimination’

Make sure that you are being discriminated against. Make sure that it is not just in your head, people often think they are facing discrimination when actually it is not discrimination but something else.

  • Stay Positive..!

Always stay positive, no matter what. Never feel negative about the culprit but instead pity him or her for the hate that they have against humanity.

  • Seek official help:

Don’t just sit and face discrimination, if it really is discrimination then seek help as soon as possible. Seek help from your seniors, and heads if it is school or university, or senior employees at office.

  • Strengthen your beliefs:

If you face discrimination it doesn’t mean that you give up on your beliefs. Stay onto your beliefs and never lose the strong and strengthening beliefs that you have about yourself and the society.

  • Reporting it:

If it is a serious case of discrimination then report it to the police and legal authorities before it is too late..!

  • Never lose Faith in Goodness…

And lastly never lose faith in God and goodness. People feel lost and frustrated after facing discrimination, don’t let negative thoughts take over you, always have faith the goodness that exists within each one of us..!





As students around the world hold seminars, sessions, rallies and campaigns chanting ‘no more discrimination,’ make sure you never say silent when you see an act of discrimination near you. You’re staying silent will mean that you are part of the heinous act. World is becoming more and more aware of this crime called discrimination and it is time that we raise our voice against it. The more we address this grave issue the more people will be aware of it and the smaller and lesser it will get and finally there’s hope that there will no more discrimination in this world.


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