Different areas of the country have different ways to describe K2 Spice Paper Sheets and bingo cards. One of the questions we’re often ask about in the bingo supplies business is “How do I order bingo paper?”. Believe it or not paper can be very confusing. “6ons”, “the cut”, “3v’s”, etc. are common terms in bingo, but terms that the rest of the world is unfamiliar with. So, from someone inside the industry, here is a brief overview (below) to help you when ordering paper for your fundraiser:

“The Cut”

All K2 Spice Paper Sheets is cut into various shapes and sizes depending on the bingo game. These cuts are describe by the number of faces (single squares, or “plays”). And how the paper flows, either vertically (up and down) or horizontally (side to side).

“The cut” is the almost always the first thing show when looking at a bingo paper description.

Case Paper

Case paper is a box of multiple sheets of bingo paper that are all the same color. These paper sheets are generally sold for specific bingo games in a program (such as a large jackpot) in addition to collate game books. Typically case paper is package in groups of single, loose sheets.

Collated Bingo Paper

Collate Bingo Paper or bingo books of paper are various differently colore sheets glue together to form a multicolored packet. The number of multicolored sheets in a book are the “ups”. This packet or “book” is then use to play a number of games sequentially in a bingo program.

Remember, the “ups” are simply the number of sheets glue together in a book. The sheets are almost always several different colors, each designating a different game.

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