Your wedding ceremony and reception were the public celebrations of your marital union. Your honeymoon, however, is very private, and you’ll want to make your selections of Bridal Panty to be memorable ones. This usually means choosing bridal intimate apparel that is the skimpiest and sexiest available, and that also highlights your assets, builds up the suspense, and drives your new husband out of his mind!

To find the right items such as bridal bras and bridal panties you need to consider the following factors:

You should balance the right amounts of comfort, control, and support while adding plenty of sexiness. Naturally, your wedding underwear will be hidden during the ceremony and the reception, but you will feel awesome knowing that you have on sexy lingerie. (Not to mention then fun of knowing that a lot of people will be wondering exactly what style of bridal underwear you are wearing! And you knowing that they’ll never find out!)

You should also consider at what time you will be putting on your wedding lingerie. If you will not have time freshen up before going to the bridal suite for the night, then you will want to choose the sexiest bridal intimates your wedding gown will permit. If you will be changing to another set of lingerie before your honeymoon night, then you can settle for something less erotic during the actual wedding and reception. The latter option is often preferred by brides since it allows them to enter the bridal suite. And see their new husband’s reaction to their transformation from almost-demure bride to. Well, let your imagination run wild here!

You should also make plans for the removal of your bridal underwear. With your husband once you get to your room as this will affect your choices. For example, if you plan to do a partial strip-tease with your husband finishing the job. Then be sure you select fantasy underwear that you can easily remove during your show. Think he will be able to stand your special private, intimate lap dance? If so, pick the perfect outfit to drive him wild. Planning this can be so much fun! Should you go with baby doll underwear? Maybe an open bra or fishnet underwear would be perfect? Let your imagination run wild!

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