World War I was fought in the year 1914 and continued to the 1918 and World War II was fought in the year 1939 and continued to 1945. In the history of the human being, it was considered the biggest military conflict. Between the different countries groups, there are military alliances that were involved in it.

The First World War was centered in Europe, the nations of world warring were divided into 2 main groups that were known as Allied Powers and Central Powers. The group of center powers was contained on Austria-Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria as well as Turkey. The group of Allied powers was contained in Russia, France, Japan, the U.S, Russia, and Britain.

In World War II, the two opposing alliances were known as the Allies and the Axis. The group of Allies was contained on U.s, France, China, Britain, and the Soviet Union. On the other hand, the Axis group was contained in Japan, Germany, and Italy as well. You can know more about the Wars with the help of History trivia questions.

Causes of the WWI:

There are several causes of WWI that are as follow:

  • On 28the June 1914 the Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s assassination of Austria, The heir to Austria-Hungary’s throne was the main trigger for the WWI who was killed by the nationalists of Serbian
  • The Austria-Hungary has invaded Serbia
  • At the same time, Germany has invaded France, Belgium as well as Luxembourg.
  • The Russians were attacked on Germany
  • Over the past decade, most of the alliances formed were invoked, so due to this reason within just a few weeks, the main powers for the world were at war, as all of them have colonies. The conflict was soon spread throughout the world.

Outcomes of WWI:

  • The Austria–Hungary was partitioned into the different states of a successor.
  • The Russian Empire was lost their western frontier as nations of newly independent such as Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Finland, and Latvia were carved from it.

Causes of WWII:

World War II has left the following changes:

  • Acts of the aggression and the treaty violation on different fronts.
  • In Germany, an economic, as well as Political instability, were combined along with bitterness after getting defeat in WWI and the Versailles Treaty’s harsh conditions.
  • The rising power of the Nazi Party and Hitler. In the middle of year 1930s, Hitler was started to rearm Germany secretly, in treaty’s violation.
  • Hitler was signed alliances with Japan and Italy for the Soviet Union’s oppose
  • On September 1st, 1939 the German invasion Poland

Outcomes of WWII:

  • In the year 1954, WWII was ended with the victory of Allies over Japan and Germany. The united nations were established to foster international cooperation as well as prevent the future.
  • The US and the Soviet Union has emerged as a superpower of a rival.
  • The economy of Europe has collapsed with a 70 percent distortion of industrial infrastructure.
  • Decolonization’s rapid period was taking place under the holding of Different powers of European colonial

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