Almost all near-death survivors tell of stories of out of body experiences, Spiritual Awakening Movies, and a movement toward the light. Whatever their religious beliefs, the occurrence for people who have had this near death experiences (NDE) is very similar. And those who have experienced a NDE come away from it totally changed-they come away with an awakened spirituality and unconditional love.

The perception of most people is that this kind of spiritual awakening must be associated with religiousness. So when a ‘common’ person, a person without any significant religious background has an experience like this, it can be a profound awakening. It can also be frightening and fascinating. While some people intentionally journey towards enlightenment through meditation, yoga and other traditions and rituals, there are others who experience spiritual awakening on their deathbed.

Dr. David San Filippo wrote an essay titled Religious Interpretations of NDEs, he stated that a “near-death experience (NDE) is a conscious experience in which the individual experiences a sense of being detached from the physical world during the process of physiological dying.”

He describes a NDE as when the patient quits breathing, making the muscles in the heart to fail. When this happens, powerful chemicals are released within the body. At this time, most NDEers report an out-of-body experience whereby they detach from the body, but are witness to everything that goes on. One gentleman spoke of even being able to ‘feel’ the thoughts of those who loved him.

Others have spoken of events whereby they meet passed loved ones, spiritual teachers, or watch a movie of their life. In a survey performed in 1991, there were 13 million Americans or 5 percent of the population who report that they have experienced an NDE. And it didn’t matter the religious beliefs of the person having a NDE. Most reports were similar.

What Happens During A Near-Death Experience?

Most people say they first experience a sense of being at total and utter peace. Joy overwhelms most of them as the spirit detaches from the body. Many folks are greeted by family members and friends. Some experience meetings with angels and spiritual beings.

Most people experience the feeling of being pulled toward the light through a tunnel. When called back to earth, most are reluctant to do so. After being enfolded in complete and utter unconditional love, finding one’s self awake in this world can be a dis-heartening experience.

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