It’s 2019, and businesses can’t just use the old tactics they have been using for the last decade or so. They need to know that if they want to be number 1 in their respective industry, they need to lire their target market in the best possible way. And social media is what they must be targeting for best results.There are many trends that were rampant in the past few years but lost their effectiveness. And in the same way, new trends are making their way like short videos which is a great effective tool to get the attention of their audience.

Social media trends now dictate the strategies and tactics used by companies worldwide. Companies now look to engage people through social websites and apps,which is, without a shred of doubt, really important for their very existence. While it doesn’t matter in which part of the world you are trying to start a business, as hard work, commitment and determination are what needed to overcome any challenge. But you need to take some aspects into consideration region-wise.

If you are looking to start a business in Dubai, the first thing is a great website and a social media presence that encompasses all important aspects. While web design dubai from a reputed firm is needed, there are several aspects for which social media can’t be ignored. Trends play an important role in determining what is going to be hot for companies to tap into.

Following is the list of top 4 trends that are most likely to dominate the marketing landscape in the time to come. I hope digital marketers would benefit from the strategies recommended here. There is enough interesting material for general readers so read on for an interesting ride through latest trends and companies push for dominance.

1. Apple’s Push for AR is Real

Apple is trying hard to lead the market in making AR a regular feature and a medium that will dominate. And it’s not just for mobile gaming, mind you. iPhone 11, about to be launched in mid-September,will make things interesting for Apple as they try to battle it out with Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomifor top position in the market. Apple is looking to offer its customers enhanced augmented reality experience, and it’s not just about AR stickers in the selfies. It is very genuine, and iPhone 11 will hopefully take its case further.

Snapchat and Instagram are one of the best and widely used messaging and picture sharing software respectively. It is widely rumored that they will now support filters that allow users to alter a picture projected via AR. Similarly, companies will promote their brands with special filters that may be incorporated in popular social platforms, most importantly Facebook. In the end, if Apple is doing something, many will follow, and it will become a trend in itself.

2. Facebook is the King of Social Media

Facebook is a behemothwhen it comes to social media networks, with over 1 billion active monthly users. If you are trying to venture into social media marketing, this is the network you need to cover. There are good prospects for companies when they create powerful one-to-one customer interaction.

By 2020, 59% of US users will access Facebook via a handheld device. This is a staggering figure as this paves the way for not only social media dominance but also how mobile devices will make a great impact in time to come. 80% of Facebook’s revenue is already coming from mobile ads, so its time for other social networks or apps to amp up their game. Otherwise, Facebook will make their life more miserable in the coming few years.

Facebook also started a thing called Spaces that was designed to allow friends to connect via VR. This turned out to be a dud in terms of response from the users as it was lukewarm at best. But this is all about innovation and thinking out-of-the-box to make things happen on your own rather than looking for something to happen for you out of the blue.

3. The Future for Chatbots is Bright

Chatbots are making companies all over the world looking to harness their features to get in touch with their current and prospective customers. Chatbots are artificial intelligence (AI) systems that people interact with via text, audio or video in the near future. In this busy world, certainly now has the time and patience to email a question and wait for the eternity in this concern. With chatbots, customers get instant replies to their questions and concerns. That’s why Facebook Messenger Bots are gaining much popularity off-late.

When a customer gets a quick reply, it gives them a personalized feeling.And they certainly would want to use that chatbot in the future too. That’s why investing in such bots can be beneficial for businesses. So, it is not an expense for them but rather an investment that will reap profit for them in the future.

4. Personalized Content

We all love to see content that is accruing to our requirements or personal interest. And in the future, only those companies will be able to attract their prospective customers who offer personalized content to them. The buyer persona is not something alien now to the companies and needs to be adopted for best results.

Personalized content will save people from searching for such content and save time. Anything in this concern for people which can save their precious time is lapped up by them. Improving the personalization of content can make things go in their favor. More personalized content for a target audience means, in all likelihood, they will be reading the content you will provide them through any social media network.

Final Word

The power and reach of social media is not something that needs to be debated. It is for anybody to be seen. Competition is certainly getting stiffer day by day, and companies now need to come up with something special to compete with rival firms.The 4 social media trends discussed here are nothing out of this world but are certainly really important for any company nowadays.

That’s why mastering these trends will help marketers and companies to reach their customers in an effective and efficient manner.Want to add something to this blog? Or want to ask a question? Please use the comments section below in this concern.

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