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Incident management is a very important issue in business but is often overlooked, except in corporations and large enterprises where the management system is well organized. In small and medium enterprises, where survival is a top concern, incident management is a luxury. First of all, what is an “incident”? In general, it is anything that happens in a short period of time, which is detrimental to the physical, financial, reputation or survival of the business. Incident management is the art of making decisions to prevent or reduce the harmful effects of such events, usually while they are happening. This means that the director or business owner must quickly make decisions that affect the future of the business, when they are themselves in a state of extreme stress and completely inadequate information. trust to be able to help you judge the situation wisely. Of course, the best way to manage incidents is to prepare well in advance so that the business can be in the best position when it comes to helping the manager steer the business through the most difficult circumstances. poor. But what to do if you have to deal with an unexpected incident that comes to your business, such as the recent disturbances? It’s really heartbreaking to see our employees who were working peacefully under the same roof the day before, but the next day they turn against us, smashing their own rice cooker for a reason completely outside of our own. business influence. If you are the director of a business that uses Chinese machinery, technology, or raw materials and if your business has several Chinese specialists working, how will you handle it? If I were in that situation, I would urgently convene a meeting of directors and department heads to get information and prepare thoughts, then set up a crisis management team and immediately then convene a meeting of all employees of the enterprise. At this meeting, the board of directors will introduce the incident management team and clearly and candidly state what are the “Chinese factors” in their business, and then ask everyone to say what they think and what they think. want to do what? After recording all the comments, the Board of Directors will group into groups of common ideas and then discuss and analyze the benefits for all employees to know. For the “Chinese elements” that require to be cut or reduced, the Board of Directors will acknowledge the comments but say that it will take time and call on employees’ representatives to participate in the contribution groups. implementation opinion. On this occasion, the Board of Directors also asked employees to give other ideas to overcome the difficult period without anyone losing their job or suffering any harm. Not only that, the Board of Directors can switch from defensive to offensive, reminding employees that in a crisis there are always opportunities, and asking everyone to brainstorm ideas to help businesses take advantage of opportunities. This “overwhelming victory”! In general, the first thing is to open up the information channel for everyone and create opportunities for them to express their opinions, rather than allowing people to keep their memories in their hearts. During the meeting, the Board of Directors should always emphasize that their business is a common rice cooker that if angered, it will have unfortunate consequences for themselves and for the loved ones who depend on their work. After the first meeting, the Board of Serviced apartment in ho chi minh city immediately announces the next regular meeting to report the results and present the progress of things. At the same time, the director must take the time to visit each office and production department to ask questions and listen to everyone’s opinions honestly and frankly. In modern times, every business is an economic unit that creates jobs, produces products and services, and pays taxes to the state, and entrepreneurs are economic soldiers with the same purpose. to contribute to the rich people and strong country. Destroying a business is killing the “goose that lays golden eggs” and is only an accidental or intentional way of harming the country.

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