What is Wishful Thinking and how it works? One will not be able to think rightly, much less positively unless these intellectual tricksters are eliminated.

When we want something, we tend to see it as we wish it to be. It is call wishful thinking. It is most unrealistic form of thinking, because it is far divorce from reality. In it, facts are given less importance and disregarded. On some occasions facts are seen through the mist of sentiment. Most often, the person makes no endeavor to identify facts or makes them pass through the sieve of his objectivity. Worst, facts are obtaine only to turn and twist them and to suit the pre-reach conclusion. In such cases, person merely expresses his wish as a conclusion and then feels that his conclusion is very dependable. It is not so and cannot be so.

How to have wishful thinking?

The other sort of foolishness is the tendency to defend ourselves. It retards progress and development. No one can develop or progress unless he marks the areas of his weaknesses and shortcomings. All psycho-analysis is based on this principle. In it, complexes of the patient are mercilessly expose and he is make to see them bare. This is to make him realize his complexes. The pitfall is there because man has a natural tendency to think well of himself. He also wants others to think well of him. When this need becomes over-riding, it prevents him from thinking straight and from admitting unpleasant truths about himself. This is applicable of this attempt to win others’ clean chit. This makes him oblivious of the fact that he is cheating himself. You need to keep your thinking calm and have to get best knowledge about it.

Wishful thinking:

A cliché that can be understand from the words itself. Wishful means longing or desiring and from the word thinking which means a thought. Are you type of person who doesn’t do anything but keep on wishing about things to happen instead of happen? If you always are wishful thinking of a certain aspiration then think again? Wishing without doing won’t do you any good. It should always be about what you can do to achieve a certain goal. Now, wishful thinking won’t do anything unless you work on it. People should learn how to work it up rather than wish it up. This wishful thinking logic isn’t totally going to help a person become happy all throughout. Thus, it can’t lead to unhappiness because of fact that they keep on wishing but they don’t do anything. You need to get best knowledge about it and have to do things.

You must have to do all the work and have to do things to make your thinking real. Many people keep on thinking about the things they want for real. They don’t do anything to make it real and always keep thinking about it. You have to understand the things and have to make it happen.

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