The Union Public Services Commission (UPSC) exam is indeed India’s toughest exam because of its longest recruitment process and competition. Every year lakhs of candidates appear for the UPSC exam but the only a handful of them become successful in clearing it. The success ratio of the UPSC exam is 3:100, which means only three candidates succeed out of hundred appeared in the UPSC exam.

Public Services jobs are a matter of pride for anyone who has got it. These jobs come with security and a decent salary package. Apart from that you get a chance to work for the society at grass-root level.

It is difficult to crack UPSC exam in their first attempt but many candidates have made it possible by their sheer determination and hard work. 

We have come up with the tips which every beginner should follow to crack the UPSC exam in their first attempt. Here are some best tips for the UPSC beginners that can help them to clear the exam.

Know the syllabus

The first thing you need to do soon after you have decided to give UPSC exam is to know everything about the exam. Do an in-depth study of the syllabus, exam pattern, optional subjects, questions category, etc. 

Don’t jump into the preparation before properly learning about the nature of the UPSC exam. Spend at least one or two weeks browsing about the UPSC exam. Make sure you are passionate about the Civil Services and you aren’t pushed into it by your parents or friends.    

Get enrolled in the best IAS coaching

For the beginners, taking admission in the best IAS coaching in Delhi is a suitable option. If you are clueless about the start and have another way to get the proper guidance, you must take IAS coaching in Delhi because it will help you with your preparation. 

When you enroll yourself in the best IAS coaching in Delhi then half of your tension related to the preparation disappears. As they clear your doubts related to the UPSC and give you proper guidance for the preparation of the exam.          

The expert teaching faculties have experience in the Public Services field for more than ten years. They keep you updated with the latest exam pattern and the new syllabus.  

Limit your resources

Many beginners believe that studying from many books would help them to crack the UPSC exam, which is a wrong concept. The most basic and important thing in the preparation of the UPSC exam is to limit your resources. For each subject pick two books, one NCERT and the other, any reference book. 

You don’t have to confuse your brain by burdening it with too much information. If you are completing two books per subject then it’s more than enough. Your chances of clearing the UPSC exam doesn’t depend on the number of books you read rather on the things you have remembered.  

Don’t react to rumors

You will hear a lot of negative stories related to the UPSC exam. You just need to cut off from such horrible tales to maintain your mental peace. Some of the popular rumors about the UPSC exam are ‘No one cracks the UPSC exam in the first attempt’, ‘Read too many books to qualify the exam’, and ‘Isolate yourself. Don’t talk to family members and friends.’ 

Such rumors are harmful to the aspirants as they distract them from the real thing, which is the preparation of the UPSC exam. So, beginners shouldn’t believe in the rumors. 

There’s no shortcut to success

IAS aspirants shouldn’t believe in any shortcuts because there’s no shortcut to success. You have to work hard, make proper strategy and study plan for your preparation.   

To sum up…

The UPSC beginners are recommended to take the IAS coaching for the better the preparation of the exam. There are  IAS coaching in Delhi that can help candidates with the preparation. Moreover, one shouldn’t only rely on the study in the coaching institutes and must do self-study at home. Your dedication and hard work would help you to crack the UPSC exam. All the best.    

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