So you’re planning your next Bass Fishing In Puerto Rico trip. You’ve got all those brand new shiny crankbaits sitting ready to go in your tackle box, and now your surfing the net looking for the best bass fishing lures secrets. In this article that’s exactly what we are going to look at, and I know after your done reading this you’ll have a added a tip or 2 to your bass fishing arsenal of knowledge. After all it’s all about getting that nest monster bass in the boat right? There’s no point having a nice shiny crankbait in your tackle box. If you don’t understand how to put a bass into your live well with it.

So let’s look at best bass fishing lures secrets and their strategies and how they apply to bass fishing. All lures no matter if they are spinnerbaits or crankbaits are designed to perform a specific way. A lot of times the reason why anglers fail to catch more bass is because they fail to use lures for the function they were design for. If you’re completely familiar with the function and characteristic of each lure in your tackle box then you can be rest assured you have an edge over the angler that just starts grabbing crankbaits on a whim when the chips are down.

There are all kinds of different bass fishing lures available. Many of these lures overlap in their function, but there are others that were design to meet certain conditions. And require special techniques to be successful. In general bass fishing lures fall under the following;

1. Shallow Water Fishing: Ah the magic of catching bass in shallow water can be a bit tricky. This is one water type where snags can rule the day. And it can be easy to lose 20 bucks worth of crankbaits and catch zero fish if you are not careful. This is also probably the most common section of water where most bass anglers prefer to take on their trophies. Floating/Diving plugs and Spinnerbaits are the winners here.

Choose, minnow-imitating balsa plugs or plastic plugs that float. When they are at rest and dive only a foot or two on retrieve are your best choices here.

Spinnerbaits are excellent shallow water lures, particularly in the spring when fish are shallow due to the warmer water. Spinner baits are also very good at covering large amounts of water fast as you look for those active feeding bass. So I often like to hit shallow water areas up with a 1-2 punch technique. First fish an area with a quick covering spinnerbait looking for those active lunkers then follow up with a shallow running plug. By using the 1-2 punch you can cover a lot of water. And be sure you cover it effectively before moving on to the next spot.

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