Every year millions of students apply for the Government jobs in India and getting the job in such a crowd isn’t a piece of cake. Most of them couldn’t make the place because of the lack of preparation in competitive exams. There are a lot of opportunities in the private sector, but most of the students compete in government exams. The reason is that it gives you job security and facility in the government section. But the truth is that almost 40% of them prepare for jobs. Securing a rank in government exams is not as simple as we think.

You must do hard work with dedication and focus. Most of us don’t know how and when we have to study. No one would tell you the preparation pattern for such competitive exams even, no teacher teaches you how to study. Lack of strategy and study tricks, the student fails to clear the exams. We don’t know how to study effectively to compete with others. Here, we provide you with the top nine tips to compete in the exams, it will surely proffer an idea about the procedure and methods.

  • Make a timetable for study

The first thing you must do is create a schedule for your exams and daily routine. There should be a fix and perfect timetable for your study including the things when to revise the topics and when to sleep etc. With the help of this, you won’t miss any subject in the future. Before going to study, this schedule will help you achieve your short time goals.

Include some goals in the timetable which you can achieve in a week. Give some extra time to study complex problems and chapters.

  • Create own notes 

If you’re studying without any coaching, make sure you have the notes for further revision. So, you can study or revise those before the exams. Go through the lectures and write the important things in a notebook. Write formulas, tricks, and basics of the methods for each subject. Make notes carefully, so there will be no problem in the future. You can buy updated books online using Flipkart offers with great discount.

  • Switch off your phone

The problem with this generation is that they can’t live without the smartphone for too much time. It’s an addiction that will create a space between you and your goal. Keep yourself far away for Social sites and apps. Learning is more important than checking Twitter trends, WhatsApp messages, and e-mails. If you’re doing this, then you’re also wasting time and money. Remember your goal and avoid all the social networks.

  • Study during the best times of the day

According to the research, the human brain works 80% at 4-6, and 40% at 6-8, and 20% during the night. So, make a habit to start early in the day because it’s the best time to study. Revise the concepts which you’ve read the previous day. Taking enough sleep causes you to wake up early in the morning.

  • Study in a calm place

The most important thing for any student is to study in a calm and clean environment. A lot of noise will distract you and interrupt your study. Find a bright and isolated atmosphere where you can do study freely. Don’t yield chance these silly things to distract you.

  • Take small breaks

Don’t try to do study continuously in a day. You’re getting stuck in a problem then take a break, do some activity so that your brain could be refresh. If you used to study at one go, there would be less chance to remember things at exam time. Wake up early in the morning, make the notes, and in the evening take a break and spend some time with family or friends.

  • Take care of your health

Besides study, the student should have to give some attention to their health. Not taking care of your cause you many problems like too much sleepiness, spine pain, and other health issues. Make a diet plan for you and include healthy food like Eggs, fresh fruits, vegetables, and milk. Take a cup of coffee when you feel sleepy and inactive.

  • Do exercise daily

The secret of a fit human body is to get enough exercise in the morning. It’s one of those things which can take you long in a day. Before going to study, do some daily exercise for 40-45 minutes. It gives you enough energy to spend the whole day without any interruption and keep you fit and active. You can apply for Teacher Jobs to know about this field.

  • Give extra to the weak part

Every student has a weak part that cause them difficulty. As we mentioned above about the strategies and schedule, now it’s time to focus on the weak points. Give some extra time to learn those things because each topic is important for competitive exams. You can’t avoid anything further.

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