Have you ever wondered why you keep suffering from anxiety even though you have done all you could to get better?

You have a strong desire to feel better and live free from anxiety, but regardless of what you do, your anxiety seems to be getting worse. You have spent an enormous amount of time and money on anxiety treatments, and you still have not recovered. What seems to be the problem and what can you do about it?

This will sound weird to you. But the reason you are still struggling with anxiety is that your recovery efforts are misdirected and therefore counter-productive. It is not your desire to feel better that makes you overcome anxiety. It is your willingness to learn and grow that makes you live free from anxiety. You don’t get rid of anxiety. You learn and grow from it. That’s the solution.

There are two questions that anxiety sufferers ask me all the time:

What should I do to stop my anxiety?

How can I get rid of my symptoms?

My answer to all anxiety sufferers is this:

To overcome anxiety, you have to become a willing student.

You do not need to stop anything. You do not have to get rid of anything. You have to shift your focus from getting rid of anxiety to learning and growing from it. You have to accept and allow anxiety to be present in your consciousness, while learning and growing from it. When you allow this shift to take place, you cease to be an anxiety sufferer, you become a willing student. You will begin to enjoy more the process of healing and recovery.

There are two things you have to learn very quickly-

1) Trying too hard to stop anxiety and eradicate its symptoms will only make it worse.

2) Your willingness to embrace anxiety, learn from it, and grow from it will make it go away.

There is a key difference between those who successfully overcome anxiety and those who do not. People who genuinely recover from anxiety are willing students and those who do not recover are unwilling students.

You can either remain an unwilling student and work hard to eradicate, conquer and resist anxiety and keep suffering. Or you can become a willing student and embrace anxiety, learn from it, grow from it and overcome it. That’s the choice. You decide.

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