One of the hottest trends in bathroom vanities are those called Floating Vanity. Although the term might conjure up visions or flying carpets and clouds. Floating bathroom vanities are very much anchored into your room’s décor. The term is only used because the vanities, unlike most of their predecessors, don’t sit on the floor and take up floor space. These vanities hang from the wall and give bathrooms extremely clean, modern lines. In addition, you can buy them in many sizes to fit anything from a tiny powder room to a large, spa-like facility.

Looking online will allow you to browse through pictures of a wide variety of floating bathroom vanities in order to choose one that will fit in with your décor and lifestyle. Or, you might decide to choose your vanity first and then plan the room around it. Floating vanities are so cool that you can make them the focal point of your room! You can get them in many different colors, and some even have bold patterns on them. Of course, you can also buy them in the traditional wood grains. If that’s what would look best in the bathroom you’re designing.

Floating bathroom vanities are extremely versatile and can be fit conveniently and creatively into any bathroom. One family, for example, designed a small wall to separate their toilet from the rest of the bath. Instead of just having a plain wall, they hung a floating vanity on the other side giving the room and crisp, modern spin. Another bathroom also utilized a small wall, but hung floating vanities on both sides of it making. It a couple’s bathroom without the need of a long wall for a 2-sink vanity. There is no limit to where your imagination can take you when it comes to adding a floating bathroom vanity in your home.

You will find floating vanities that are just trim shelves with attached sinks. And faucets that are either attach to the sink or the wall, and you’ll find others. That incorporate shelves and drawers that will give you more storage space. Overall, though, a floating bathroom vanity will give your bathroom a cleaner look by not having it cluttering up the floor. It will give a small bathroom the look of having more open space. And you can choose to sit things like hampers. Bathroom scales, or wastebaskets underneath it if you like.

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