Retroactive ‘Retro’ meaning backwards in Latin, ‘active’ meaning present time – is the imaginative conjuration. It is reconstruction of sexual infidelity which involves our partners as the focal point.

These thoughts are then compulsively obsessed over causing person thinking of them to suffer varying degrees of psychological trauma. During research found that it was common for people who suffer with Retroactive to also suffer from spontaneous ‘imagination scenario’. Graphic imaginative scenario portrait our darkest fears in relation to emotional and sexual attachment. Intrusive thoughts are normal to human being as it belongs to rationalization process. However people with retroactive jealousy obsess with these thoughts and confuse the body into thinking that the scenario/situation is real. This is a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) which can be hard to tackle alone. Many people who suffer with Retroactive live feeling isolated with their hurtful thoughts which more often than not leads.

About retroactive jealousy:

It is an embarrassing, dignity-destroying psychological nightmare that takes place within the minds of the most unfortunate people. Retroactive Jealousy can strike at any given moment – either triggered by ‘reminder’ or conjured from small moment of idleness. It can turn a person’s day from happy, positive and bright to helpless, depressive and tired. It can lead to partner, looking at them in different light, and perhaps most profoundly eats away at personal self-esteem. There is no simple answer for this because obsessive and compulsive thoughts could stem from variety of biological factors. If you browse web you will see various articles with different arguments of why people get burdened with Retroactive Jealousy. You need to get proper knowledge about retroactive so you can understand what it is? There is several thinking of retroactive and used very much. So you need to know it properly.

Child support retroactive:

When parent fails to pay the support ordered by court recipient parent with aid of an attorney can file lawsuit. In an Enforcement Suit, a money judgment for arrearages, retroactive child support, and interest can be ordered. An arrearage is the amount that the non-custodial parent owes from missed payments. Retroactive support is amount parent should have paid from the period of time before paternity of the child was established. The judgment entered in such a suit is equal to the amount due. They are owing plus interest from the date of the judgment or earlier. A judgment in an enforcement action may be enforce by the same means as any other judgment for a debt. One way this kind of judgment may be enforced is through an order withholding from earnings. The order will require the non-custodial parent’s employer to withhold an amount for a specified period of time.

It is until the debt is pay and the support becomes current again. A knowledgeable Family Law attorney can explore the other options available for the enforcement of a support obligation. It is either because of arrearages, or a retroactive support obligation.

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