HENRY FLORES – What Is Faith?

1. Faith is a “spiritual substance” at the inside of you that can either grow or wane (lower). The bible says that.

“Religion is the substance of things hoped for, the proof of factors no longer seen” (hebrews 11:1).

I believe that this verse is telling us that faith is actually a “non secular substance” that operates at the interior of us and that it is capable of “developing or waning”.

2. The bible additionally tells us that we are all given a “degree” of religion in which to work with. The verse that tells us this is:
“… God has dealt to every one a degree of faith …” (romans 12:three).

The quality way to apprehend faith and the way it operates at the internal of you is on a scale of one-10. “10” being the most amount of religion you may have and “1” being the bottom quantity of religion you may have.

Most people start off at the decrease cease of that variety – within the 1-3 category. And that is just best with god! One of the maximum amazing insights that i feel god has given me on this situation is the subsequent.

I felt like this truely came from the holy spirit. He stated to me: “if the bible says that religion the scale of a mustard seed can flow a mountain. What do you believe you studied religion the dimensions of a golf ball may want to do? Or faith the scale of a baseball? Or faith the dimensions of a basketball?” this means that your faith is able to growing or waning.

The mustard seed is supposed to be one of the smallest of all seeds. The above analogy tells us 2 things:

That your faith can “develop” with and in god over the years – from a mustard seed size – to a golf ball size – to a baseball size – to a basketball size, etc. The verse that mainly tell us that our religion degrees are capable of developing is.

“… Because your faith grows surprisingly.” (2 thessalonians 1:3)
but, look carefully at the above analogy. The bible says that faith the size of a mustard seed can flow mountains! Meaning we do now not should have faith up within the 5-eight category to get god to come to be active in our lives. All we need is a very small quantity of religion to get the “show” going with god.

In other words, on a scale of 1-10, all you want is a “1” quantity of religion to get god to begin transferring to your existence – and pretty much anyone has at the least a “1” amount of faith when they get saved.
Whilst you witness to others, give an explanation for this analogy to them. Provide an explanation for to them that they do not need to have outstanding or large amounts of religion to get god to emerge as very energetic in their lives. God will take anything quantity of faith you have to start off with and he’ll begin the constructing procedure with your existence with simply that small quantity of faith.

The way to increase your faith

Now right here is how faith is “built up” within the higher ranges over the years. The bible says:

“so then religion comes with the aid of hearing, and hearing by means of the phrase of god.” (romans 10:17).

“Listening to” approach that the phrase is getting into your mind both thru “reading” the bible or “listening to” someone pontificate or educate about the bible. Both manner, the word is getting into your mind in which you receive it.

What the bible is making an attempt to inform you is that if all of us will spend a few desirable, exceptional time trying to study and understand the bible, then the low amount of religion which you have started out with will begin to develop. Why?

Due to the fact your mind is receiving facts and knowledge approximately god, jesus, the holy spirit and all in their approaches. As you start to read all approximately god inside the bible and all the miracles that he has completed within the beyond with different human beings. Your personal levels of faith will start to grow and building up on the inside of you because you’re surely starting to believe what you are analyzing. The holy spirit may also be bearing witness at the interior of you that what you are studying is real “god reality”.
The opposite capture on this is that i feel that it’s far virtually the holy spirit who can be the only to “build” up your religion at the inner and motive it to grow into the higher degrees. That is something he “magically” does for everyone. All of a unexpected, your religion has just long past from a “1” to a “2”.

Then a bit further down the road, your religion will develop from a “2” to a “three” – and so on and so forth. However, the holy spirit will now not reason your faith to develop until your are seeking after knowledge about god. And the bible is the number one supply of knowledge that we’ve approximately god on this earth.

In case you do not keep to searching for after understanding about god, your religion will “stagnate” – it’ll forestall developing.

This is why the bible says that your religion grows by way of “listening to the word of god”. In other phrases, your religion grows as you boom your expertise approximately god – mainly thru the observe of scripture. Whilst you are “listening to the word of god”. You are growing your know-how about god and that is what will purpose the holy spirit to raise your ranges of religion to higher stages on the dimensions of one-10.

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