If you are a research student and have got your PhD/DBA Proposal rejected, this is where you may learn what factors were not taken care of when writing your research proposal. Moreover, you may get out of this situation by searching for an expert to do the job for you. Thus, hiring the right thesis writing services may rescue you from another rejection.

Reasons for rejection

There are many mistakes that new researchers make while writing a PhD/DBA Proposal. However, it is important to understand that each element of the research proposal requires great technique and right knowledge to be written and proposed in a confident way. The step-by-step discussion below will help you understand the causes and whereabouts of the rejection.


First impression is usually accounted for as the last impression as well. One of the major reason of the rejection of a PhD/DBA proposal is the inability to provide sufficient information in the abstract of the proposal to convince the supervisor regarding the research topic as well as the purpose of the research. Thesis writing services can help you improve the PhD/DBA proposal through their expertise of describing the topic briefly but in a skillful manner.


The very next step is an explanation of the research topic and the general idea behind conducting the study and the chosen sources and methods to execute the research plan. At this point, it is important to note that PhD/DBA proposals, unlike Master proposals, require maturity in the approach and the tone of the content described by the research student. Hence, the level of leniency in the approach may lead to a rejection. However, this maturity in speech can be skillfully delivered by the expert thesis writing services, due to practice and experience of creating quality PhD/DBA proposals and thesis reports.

Literature Review

The next most important part of any PhD/DBA proposal is digging out the right research pieces from the internet and digital databases, which are authentic and quality oriented, for relating it to your dissertation research. This is one of the common loose ends of meeting up the supervisor’s requirement. Literature review references have many conditions and technicalities, only understandable by the expert researchers, unlike a student researcher. Hence, hiring thesis writing services may help in improving this section of the PhD/DBA proposal for you.

Research Question

Thesis research question is one of the focal points for a supervisor to determine the direction of the researcher, whether it is right or wrong. A wrong hypothesis may lead to a straight rejection of the PhD/DBA proposal. Therefore, a rejected research question means the complete rejection of the research plan. Which is very daunting for a research student. This direction can; however; corrected through the skillful knowledge of an academic expert, offering thesis writing services to such struggling students.

Research Objectives

This section of the PhD/DBA proposal pictures the reason behind all the research effort being made. If the objectives are not satisfying enough for the supervisory committee, it may lead to the rejection of the proposal. Hence, causing all the previous efforts go in vain. However, hiring thesis writing services will be beneficial for resetting few strategically written research objectives that will sufficiently support the research cause.

Research Significance

Similar to the research objectives, it is very important to convince the audience about the authenticity. And the level of importance that the research holds, either it has a new element, or that the previous ones have gone obsolete. The failure to convince the supervisor may be one of the causes of the disapproval of the PhD/DBA proposal. Therefore, these can reworked from the perception of an expert from thesis writing services. Who have sufficient knowledge to fulfill the job.


The research models and details sources of the study are list down in this section of the PhD/DBA proposal. Therefore, it is very common to get a proposal reject due to insufficient or low quality of effort given to this section of the research plan. This is one of the most complicated part of the PhD/DBA proposal. Hence, subject experts have the right knowledge and skills to figure out the easy way out of this complex situation without getting stuck. Thesis writing services help research students to tactfully script a much authentic yet less complex research methodology for the proposal to get accept in one go.


Every hypothetical scenario brings with it certain assumptions and limitations. Therefore, it is important to set a weightage to this section of the PhD/DBA proposal. If not, the proposal may easily get reject. Hence, limitations require critical and analytical reasoning that can done by hiring suitable subject professional from thesis writing services.

Definition of Key Terms

Though this section is also undervalue but is consider to be of great importance. Every area of expertise have certain jargons and acronyms that if not defined, may lead to lack of understanding for the readers of the research publication. Therefore, it is essential to include the key terms of what will be discuss throughout the research. If neglected, it may lead to a rejected PhD/DBA proposal. Asking expert from thesis writing services may help you to overcome the flaws within this section.


The final and the majorly important section of any PhD/DBA proposal or dissertation is the bibliography. It requires the right reference style, heading as well as writing and indexing for being accept by the supervisor. This is also one of the most common reasons of rejection. However, to overcome this situation, professional experts can engaged from thesis writing services. Who know the proper referencing style, the requirements set by the universities. And the technicalities involved in presenting them authentically right in the research document.

Overall, PhD/DBA proposal requires extensive detailing and complexity, unlike the postgraduate level research proposals. The reason for rejection is to wrongly assume it to be a piece of cake. Therefore, hiring the right expert may help you understand where the effort lacked and how to improve it for the approval.

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