I never planned to write books on publishing. At the time I started “The Publishing Game” series, I had three books in print one traditionally-published, two self-published, on three completely different topics. What I notice was that when I was on ucdm tours at bookstores and libraries promoting “The Infertility Diet: Get Pregnant and Prevent Miscarriage” and “Terrorism and Kids: Comforting Your Child,”. I arrive at the question/answer part of the talk, the first or second question was always, “How did you get the book publish?” The minute I say, “Well, actually, I set up a publishing house and self-publish,” it didn’t matter whether people had come to listen to me speak on infertility or terrorism–all they want to hear, for the rest of the question/answer session, was how to get publish!

I guess I’d say that before you purchase a book on publishing, do a little research: Google them online and see what their website looks like, whether you agree with and like their articles and their advice. (For example, I do a monthly column on writing, publishing, and ucdm promotion by the time most people find my books, they already know they like me from the articles.)

Check the authors out on Amazon and see how many books they’ve written. (Many of the people writing on publishing have only written one book–in general, the people with the best advice have written more books, and are drawing from those experiences.)

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