Discover what Driving Instructor Lesson Plans is and what you will need to have covered. Even if you just teach part-time, you still need insurance.

A driving instructor insurance plan is almost the same as your personal car insurance. It covers all of the necessities like theft, liability, accidents. The difference is that it will cover your students.

Because the possibilities of an accident are greater when you are teaching student drivers you will have to have more coverage, this of course will cost more. Some insurance carriers offer a month, by month plan, which is a good idea when you are first starting out. A yearly plan will be less expensive and better to get once you have established yourself in the business.

Instructor insurance will include any student that is driving the car. They do not need to be named on the policy. Any accidents incurred during the driving lesson will be covered, along with hospital bills or legal fees.

Do not bring any other people or items that you will not be using for the lesson, in the car during instructions. They will not covered by the instructor’s insurance. You will liable for any damages done to the people. And, you could lose your insurance completely which will put you out of business.

Look around for a good policy, the cost of these insurance plans varies greatly. You might be able to get this insurance from your personal carrier. The important thing is that you do have it. Without you may lose your license to teach and any hopes of finding any instructor jobs in the future.

If you are in business by yourself and give lessons in your own car you still need to get the proper insurance. This type of insurance covers any student you may have in your car. The policy will be more expensive but you have to keep it and if anything does happen to your student or car you will be glad you did.

When you grow from an individual business to a company that employs other drivers your policy will have to change also. A one person driving instructor policy will not cover more cars or employees.

When shopping around for policies look for insurance carriers that offer discounts or incentives for good driving. Even with driving instructor insurance you can get a rebate or reduced price.

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