Data science is a core concept in the modern world and as far as data analysis is concerned. We can however not afford to ignore our increased reliance and incorporation of AI (artificial intelligence) in our daily living. These two concepts are aimed at handling data but at different capacities and have different capabilities, however, at some point, they are used together. Let’s explore them further and get to know each of them individually and put them under the lens to see the differences between them.

What is Data Science?

Data science is a comprehensive process that aims at making sense of data by incorporating mathematics, statistics, A.I, machine learning, and specialized programming to look for patterns and trends. Data science helps data scientists and users get insight into markets, companies and institutions. Exponential growth in data has catapulted data science field into a top career field. Today, our data science assignment help service assists hundreds of  students looking to complete their assignments and projects.

What is AI (artificial intelligence)?

Artificial intelligence on the other hand has become quite a common phrase in our daily lives. While many may think of AI as advanced robotics, what it really is, is a collection of computer arithmetics that mimic human intelligence. AI has been known for its ability to learn on the go and continually update its database and hence enhancing its productivity. The use of AI is growing at a fast rate and you have AI to thank for your self-driving car.

Differences between Data Science and AI

There are a couple of variances between these two that stand out whenever you intend to distinguish them.

  1. When applying data science, you will be able to analyze data with the intention of finding patterns to help in making an informed decision. However, when working with AI, most of the hands-on human interaction is taken away and the AI is able to analyze data and make certain decisions as the human would have.
  2. Under data science, you will find statistical techniques development methods as well as design techniques while AI, mainly entails algorithm designs and how to effectively and efficiently deploy them for the best result possible.
  3. Data scientists use data science to synthesize data and have found it best to use whenever they want to process any mathematical data quickly. On the other hand, when it comes to AI, it has proven to be the best in decision-making as it takes away any emotions from the decision and takes into consideration all facts on the ground.
  4. Data science makes use of data analytics techniques while AI uses deep learning and machine learning technique. AI has been known to synthesize data at quite a fast rate and adopt
  5. The application of data science is mainly limited and is mainly on search engines while AI’s application is vast and is incorporated in almost every industry.
  6. Data science uses the help of various tools such as Python, SAS, SPSS and R while AI uses the help of tools such as Caffe, Shogun, Mahout and Tensorflow

Both of them are very effective and complement one another and present numerous opportunities careerwise and have immense potential in them to impact life as we know it. For either data science or AI assignment help don’t hesitate to contact our expert ENL assignment writers  for assistance.

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