Although door to door leaflet distribution is one of the most productive and cost-effective ways of marketing, it can be problematic finding a reputable Flyer Delivery Service that will guarantee distribution with experienced leafleters, instead of hiring a gang of unemployed people and not watching them adequately!

It is better to search a leaflet company that is well-established, as a new leaflet distribution business tends to make numerous errors at your expense! Local firms are better than national leaflet firms that supposedly attempt to direct your distribution from hundreds of miles away by subcontracting the work to the first company on Google that picks up the phone and adds a substantial amount to your invoice for this! It is purely not possible to oversee a flyer campaign adequately from a long distance. Especially checking that they have actually been deliver. Such as by knocking on doors or asking people who you know locally. References are useful and any professional door drop company should be able to provide them. A leaflet distribution franchise would offer a more systematic. Well thought out service than an independent Flyer Delivery Service that started up last month!

Areas are different, so for example, leaflet distribution in Surrey. Sussex and Kent is not quite the same as London in terms of how densely packed the housing is. This means it takes longer to drop 1,000 leaflets, so therefore it will cost more. Also, bigger houses that are more space out are less likely to leafleted intensively. So the response rate should be higher.

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