Bifold door now form part of almost all new build home extensions due to their ability to open up large unobstructed openings allowing the new living space to seamlessly merge with the garden.

The enormous growth in demand for these folding sliding doors in the UK in recent years has led to a substantial increase in the number and type of different door systems now available to the consumer. They are now widely available in a choice of materials and finishes with the three most popular being thermally broken aluminium, upvc and hardwood.

Choosing the right bifold door for your project is an important decision. And one that should not be taken purely based on cost alone. Your budget will naturally have an influence on your buying decision but there are other important factors. That need serious consideration to ensure you are not disappoint with your purchase. Here are the top five points that are regarded by many as the most essential research when considering a bifold door purchase:


Since most bifold door installations will be subject to compliance with building regulations. It is important to check that the folding door you are about to buy will meet your local authority’s interpretation of current building regulations in terms of overall U-value performance. This calculation is based on the specification of the double glazing together with the profile design. And dimensions to determine the insulation benefits of the door measured in U-values. With the lower the value the better the insulation achieved. The minimum acceptable under current building regulations for replacement doors is a 1.8 U-value. But some local authorities will insist on lower values particularly for new build extensions.


Another important consideration should be the sight line or width of door profiles. Between each panel of the folding sliding door as this will affect the visible glass area available. When the door is in the closed position. Most bifold doors are design with dedicated profiles to minimize these sightlines. As much as possible but some timber and many upvc folding doors use wide, chunky profiles. That produce very broad sight lines in excess of 200mm wide that will ultimately spoil your view.


Most folding doors will feature a high security locking system but many still use face fixed or flag hinge. That can pose a possible security issue and allow the hinges to remove from the outside when the door is close. Some upvc bifold doors may also use an exposed gearing system that is accessible. From the outside of the door when the door is close which can also pose a possible security threat. You can eliminate these potential security problems by ensuring you choose a folding door that has fully concealed gearing and hinge fixings.

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