A Course In Miracles: Man’s physical body is made up of 5 elements (air, water, wind, fire, earth, space) and the 5 Pranas (Vital Forces). The body has been created from the elements and the mind from the Vital Force. When 2 streams of negative and positive unite electricity manifests, 2 wheels of a cart helps it to move similarly life’s wheel too marches ahead. The contribution of both is amazing. The more one dives deep into the visible and invisible designing of the physical body the more its mysterious nature emerges in a wondrous manner.

When one understands the anatomy and functions of the organs of actions and the organs of knowledge it becomes clear that the designing of inert objects is such that it can function in such a varied manner and that so many new materials can be created from them. When we study the cells, nerves, glands, hormones, DNA etc it seems as though we are transported into a mysterious world.

The amazing way in which the heart, plexus, glands etc function, it appears that a very skillful engineer has designed this human body akin to a vault of visible and invisible potentials of nature. This skillful engineer (God in layman’s parlance) has thus put in all his brilliance so as to make this creation outstanding. To the superficial eye it appears as though the human body is merely fulfilling the needs of ones existence in this world. despite this if the human body along with the psyche is mastered via spiritual practices such amazing feats can be executed that man will be called a storehouse of infinite divine energy. If one studies the amazing acts of great men of world history from all walks of life, it becomes clear that their seemingly tiny physical frames were vaults of infinite power.

The only problem regarding this is that although every human being without exception possesses this vault of power, it lies in an inactive or latent state. When via mental focus and a taintless character this latent state is made active this vault manifests untold and unlimited Divine Power. It is like a seed germinating in fertile soil and actually manifesting a gigantic tree which till now was latent in a seed.

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